Lead by Søren Faurby

One of the main research areas of the lab is macroecology which we define broadly to cover all large-scale spatial patterns related to biodiversity -- not just simple species diversity gradients. Most of the work in this area deals with vertebrates, with a particular focus on the extent humans have influenced the fundamental patterns in nature. Work in this field interacts strongly with the other research foci of the lab. As a group we have developed software to analyse diversity pattern and produced multiple papers to investigate biodiversity patterns across both space and time, thus combining macro- ecological and evolutionary analyses.


Lead by Daniele Silvestro

This theme concerns the understanding of evolutionary patterns in deep-time. It develops and generates ideas, tools, and techniques for determining the causes of extinctions and diversification events using phylogenetic data and the fossil record.

Next Generation Sequencing

Lead by Christine Bacon

Sequencing techniques are constantly evolving and it is important for modern biodiversity labs to make use of these methods to best assess the plethora of life around us. This theme promotes the use of the most recent sequencing techniques by running workshops, initiating new biodiversity-oriented projects and inviting speakers most au fait with these methods. Christine leads this theme with a particular focus on neotropical plants.

Software Development

Lead by Dom Bennett

Our lab group generates lots of scientific software in the form of R and python packages as well as websites and apps. Additionally, much of our research effort requires computational skills for the development of complex, programmatic workflows that must meet growing calls -- made across the sciences -- for openness and reproducibility. The aim of the software development theme is to promote better programming skills within the group and keep our members up-to-date with the latest methods, programs and languages. To these ends, we run regular software clubs and invite speakers to give seminars and workshops.