The values we strive for ….


We aspire to certain ethical values in our workplace and through our interactions inside and outside of our group. Our values can be summarised into three areas: society, nature and science.


We value an open, equal and fair society. We seek to have no hierarchy. All members in our group, from students to professors, have a voice. We promote a healthy work culture. We emphasise the need for privacy, free-time and vacation. We strongly reject any discrimination based on gender, gender identity or expressions, ethnicity, nationality, belief, sexual orientation, disability or age.


We care for the natural world. The biodiversity of our planet is important both intrinsically and extrinsically. We believe all species have the right to exist and that humanity has a moral duty to ensure our actions do not contribute to their extinction. We respect the laws, cultures, customs and beliefs of the local inhabitants when working in the field. We care for the welfare of the animals we handle as part of our research. We try to minimise the environmental and ecological impact of our work.


We are committed to scientific integrity, innovation and discovery. We focus on quality rather than quantity. We make our data, methods and results publicly available whenever possible. We do not tolerate plagiarism or scientific misconduct. We have a ‘give and take’ policy: we make every effort to help each other with resources, time and input, and we are generous in offering co-authorships to those who contribute substantially. We make every effort to meet our commitments with our peers and society.



We do not claim to encompass these values, but these are the values we strive for.